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Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Boosting Your Energy During The School Year: A Guide

Every teacher, no matter their age or experience level, is worn out by the end of the school year. The physical, emotional and mental efforts that go into teaching tend to take their toll in one way or another. The summer holidays, while great in terms of their length of six weeks, are not a magic cure. Trouble is, when you feel like you are drowning as a teacher it is so hard to know where to start when it comes to taking care of yourself. It may seem like something really obvious but you can’t expect your body and mind to keep up with the pace of a teaching job if you don’t sometimes let your foot off the pedal. Everything from playground duty, breaking up fights, managing friendships, nine hour days, staff meetings and getting to know colleagues can really take its toll on you. Most teachers forget to nourish themselves properly during the school day and ensure they have an actual lunch.

Taking the time during the day to have an actual break and look after yourself is paramount and when you are hunting for science teacher jobs you should make sure that while you are meticulously planning your lessons, you meticulously plan time for yourself. Nutrition is important to keep functioning during the long day and you should drink as much water as you can so that when you’re on your feet talking all day you are still refreshed and energised. It will also encourage your pupils to stay hydrated. Taking the time to exercise isn’t just important for your physical wellbeing but it is well documented that the effect of exercise mentally and emotionally can really help. Even if you’re falling off your feet tired taking half an hour a day for exercise can mitigate stress as can spending time with family and friends and relaxing at the end of the long days you inevitably will have as a teacher.

The trap many teachers fall into during the school year is thinking that they are second to their job. They are not. Good teachers are happy and fulfilled people and stressed overworked teachers tend not to be. You owe it to yourself, your colleagues and your pupils to work on your own wellbeing throughout the year as best you can and ensure that you can be the best person you are. There is still time during those summer holidays where those working in maths teacher jobs and other subjects have to plan lessons for the new term and prepare outlines and classrooms. The one thing you do have time for in those six weeks though, is sleep. Catching up on your own wellbeing as a teacher is just as important as looking after the children in your care. Teaching is a high stress vocation and while it has its rewards its pitfalls are easy to sink into if you aren’t careful. Enjoy your job but don’t become consumed by it.